Saturday, September 27, 2008

word of the day: Introduction

welcome to the world of word where words are not merely alphabets put together, but it is the place where something new is learned day by day from words itself.

as for an introduction, today's word is:

(how convenient)

a long word (as comparison to me) but it consists of lotsa small words that could convey the same meaning

these little word could make a stranger becomes someone familiar. interesting isn't it?
introduction can either break you or make you

for instance in the world of stage play
it was believed that the first 10 minutes (or 30 minutes) will determine the quality of the play. interesting eh? within that time is the introduction of the play. so if the audience starts to yawn or starts leaving or go to the toilet then, it is not a goodnews i might say.

another instance would be in writing
the introduction will bring the reader to the points of your writing. in it, you will have your thesis statement that will allow your audience (reader) know what are the content of the writing. if the thesis statement is weak... within 3 second the reader will put down your piece...

same goes in life. in this world of appearance, our physical look is considered as our introduction to the world. People would obviously take someone who dressed impeccably smart as someone nice, or someone they want to be with. on the other hand if that person dresses shabbily, people will try to avoid them. how shallow we are

rest assure INTRODUCTION of a person is not only skin deep (similar to beauty) but there are more than meets the eye.
bare in mind that action, behavior, choice of words uttered can be the strongest introduction of a person towards the world.

keep that in mind as my INTRODUCTION to you

peace and love