Sunday, August 31, 2014

Selfies and Merdeka Celebration

Selfie. A noun. Means to take a photo of oneself or with others on your own or by using aparatus such as monopod.
Kalau amik gamba sendiri menggunakan khidmat bantuan orang tidak dikira selfie.

Selfie also was nominated as the most used word of the year 2013. Everybody is into selfie. From average teenagers like you and i (eh teenagers ke?) Okay i mean average joes, to  huge stars like Ellen and influential leaders like our Prime Minister and Mr POTUS himself.

Since selfie is a crazy nowadays, admit it you do it as well, jangan nak poyo poyo cakap ko tak berselfie ye?, we attempted to break the Guiness World of Records with the most selfie taken within an hour. Currently, the record was 421 by the Canadians on July this year. Maksudnya tak sampai setahun or beberapa bulan rekod tu akan pergi kat orang lain (kita la tu).
I find it surprising that the current record holder is not from an Asian country. I might be stereotyping but i think i see a lot of Asians taking selfies than other countries, but... i might be wrong.

Anyways, it was an interesting attempt. I mean why not we take something that we love to do (well most of us) and do something that will make us proud? Right?

Well the attempt was fairly simple. Get 500 people to take individual selfie with a designated person within one hour.

So the queue went on and on and on... i think they managed to get 500 people or maybe more.

It was fun and interesting experience.

It was a memorable merdeka celebration.

57 years and a Decade of Love

It has been 57 years since our former Prime, Tunku Abdul Rahman, shouted the word "Merdeka" 7 times in front of thousands of Malaysians.

A lot has been achieved since then. We have one of the tallest buildings in the world. We have our own national cars and we have sent a Malaysian to space and who knows we might send a second one day.

A lot has happened since then as well. Incidences that made us go "oh my lord what is happening?" I'd rather not say or pick those incidences,  you know what I am talking about.

Despite all that, nothing could change how I feel towards my country. The people can be rather shitty at times. But hey, you'll find shitty people everywhere. So it is not a reason not to love your country. 

I wouldn't change it for any amount of money or diamonds or gold. I was born here and i intend to die here.

My love towards my country will never fade. It'll be as strong as Tuah's loyalty towards the Sultan of Melaka.

Speaking of Tuah, this year marks the 10th anniversary of the epic film Puteri Gunung Ledang or Princess of Mount Ledang.

A tale of love and loyalty. A well known admiral named Tuah who fell in love with a princess from another land. To save the land, tje princess' brother decided to marry her off to the Sultan of Melaka. Tuah's loyalty and love to the princess was challenged by his loyalty to the Sultan.
In the end he decided to let go of his love and went away. The princess, a smart one decided to decline the marriage proposal by imposing 7 impossible requests:

1) Silver bridge from the top of Mount Ledang to Melaka
2) Golden bridge from Melaka to Mount Ledang
3) 7 trays of germs' heart
4) 7 trays of mosquitoes' heart
5) 7 pots of betel's juice
6) 7 pots of virgins' tears
7) a bowl of the Prince's blood

The Sultan was adamant to marry her decided to accept all requests. However, the princess decided to decline and wanted to stay on Mount Ledang. The Sultan, ego bruised, accepted her decision with a curse, nobody can see her. Anyone who sees her will die horribly.

In the end, nobody knows that happened to Tuah nor the princess.

So the production house that produced the movie decided to play it again expecially for its 10th anniversary and merdeka day.

It was fun to watch the movie again with a those who loves the movie. Met a lot of people there and it was fun.

Thanks to Ren who was soooo dedicated to get the tickets! 16 tickets wei!
Thanks to Pingu as well for... well for being there la kot hahaha

It was a fun day.