Thursday, September 13, 2012

So It has FINALLY Arrived! (a quick review of the latest apple flagship phone)

Some were stunned, shocked and even disappointed when apple announced the launch of their (then) latest iphone about a year or so ago.

Many expected to see the illusive iphone 5, instead they were served with a tiny software upgraded version called the 4s.

12 September, again, aticipation were built up with tonnes of leaks of the design and look of the latest and the most anticipated, iphone 5 (or the new iphone or whatever apple decided to call it).

Alas the people received what they wanted. But looking at the aesthetic design, apple did not deviate much from the previous device design.

We can clearly see the difference between the iphone and iphone 4. However the only difference between the previous iphone and this particular one is the screen height. Yep it is a tad taller than 4s, giving the consumer the feel of bigger screen (the 4inch experience so they said).
Well apart from that it is also 20% thinner and lighter as well.

That's it?
I expected something more with all the hype and all. *sigh*

Oh apart from that, iphone5 comes with a whole new port where you need to purchase an adapter (costs you at about $29) in order to use previous products on.this new baby.
Ah what a way to make more money.

Moving on to the inside of the device.
This time around apple had infused 4g LTE in its device, hence making downloading over the internet much faster (if you have 4g available, if you are living in a 3g area downloading would still takes ages).
Processor wise, the A6 is claimed to be the fastest processor (again as opposed to the PREVIOUS iphone) and according to apple, this processor helps elongate the battery life.

Before moving on to the camera, one tiny information (no pun intended) this device will use nano sim. Yup, nano sim and you can say bye bye to you micro sim because you definitely can't fit it into this device.

Camera, ah... The main purpose of a smarphone. Apple has decided to keep the camera to 8 megapixel. The lense are covered with saphire to make it lasts longer. Apature, accordingly it is f2.4 which should make your photo looks nicer.
One thing that apple hyped about the camera is the panorama scene. Passe, but let apple be excited about this feature.

Well basically some of the features available in the illusive iphone5 have been available on android platform phones.
Aesthetically not much of difference between the previous iphone and this so called flagship apple phone since the launch of the iphone.

However, rest assured there WILL be a loooong line infront of apple shops or launch events on the day of the launch.

How the product will perform in the smartphone wars, can't tell yet but however the performance will be, there will be people dying to have this phone.

Or not?

We'll see.

Gosh for a person who doesn't like iphone, i sure write a lot about it.


Click the link below to see hands on video by the verge.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I had to write this.

So, we all know that the GE is coming it's way sooner or later.

And, as it is approaching a lot of things are happening.

However, I am more concerned about what's going on among the Youths of these nation.

So I've hears, read and watch that some of these youths are starting to make their voice heard through all these perhimpunan and all.

in my opinion:

- what are you trying to prove through this?
- if you want ptptn to abolish, why didn't you think of the negative side of it when you signed the contract? yes you can choose NOT to take it.
- and you do know that if you get FIRST class, the debt can be waived right?

On another matter (free education)

- we are not living in an ideal world
- everything needs money
- well perhaps primary education can be free but tertiary?
- look at it this way, when you got things for free, you won't appreciate it much.
- also the people who walks in the class and teaches you are NOT cheap. the infrastructure are NOT free.


If a certain party says that they will abolish the tuition fees and PTPTN, let them fight the war.

You, go study and when the time comes, go vote and if they win, make sure they fulfill their promises.

If they fail, THEN you berhimpun.

As for now, go study and get first class so that you will get your free education (esp. free from PTPTN)

*note: the writer is not an advocate to any political party, he also owes PTPTN some amount of money and he is not a first class graduate*