Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Busuk, tapi perlu

Grow a Pair

More often than not, people would always say "no hard feelings" or "no offence" after saying something offensive. Seriously I think that’s bullcrap.

I mean think about it, does that phrase give you some license or freedom to say what u need to say? And expecting people not to get offended by it?

“Hey you look fat and ugly today, no hard feelings eh?”
Would you seriously think that the other person would say “hey, it’s alright, I know I’m fat and ugly”

WRONG! Well the person (if he/she is polite) would just smile politely and disregard the issue. However, that does not mean that, he/she is okay with it. I bet deep inside that person was cursing you like nobody’s business.

I do not know how to deal with this. I mean if you want to say hurtful things, just say it and please by all means drop the sugar coated “no hard feelings” or “no offence” crap. Plus do not try to make it better by saying “oh by the way, u look nice in that shirt” WTF? First you said I was ugly now u said I look good? Seriously you need to make up your mind.

In a nut shell: Grow a pair and say it directly without any sugar coating. (especially to me)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

It was a gleek fest! (a review)

I was lucky to be part of the recent Glee Flash Mob Dance: KL Chapter
Location: Gardens Kuala Lumpur
Date: 8th May 2010

This is merely a review of the event.

My First BABY!!!

No that was not me singing...

My New Addiction

To those who know me, they know that i really want to be in front of the camera as a TV presenter however, luck is not on my side. whatevs, so after months of thinking, I figures, since I can't be on TV why not i create something so that I will feel like I am hosting something on TV (yeah i am THAT obsessed with myself)

I managed to come up with my own channel on youtube

check me out at

leave a comment at my videos and please do subscribe.

i need all your support.

thank you and lotsa love!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

when dream shatters

well... sorry for being dramatic in the title.

let's be frank, only a handful of lucky bastards are able to achieve their dream (through hard way and the easy way) what happened to the rest?

you know, dreams are like pieces of thin glass, it is so difficult to make yet it is so fragile that it can be broken into pieces anytime.

i am never a pessimistic person. i always believe that whatever happens, there must be a very logical reason behind it. or something else awaits me i this dream does not come true. But to what extend can we actually hold on?

i am not whining just expressing my feelings.

i don't remember the time when i was accepted to do something because of what i am good at.

i will always get blind sided due to my looks, my inexperience, my background etc. There are always reasons for me not to be accepted to be part of something. While the only thing that I have is not enough to ensure my place there.

damn it!


-that's it-

Sunday, March 21, 2010


"really?" that's what people would say.
"oh... definitely" that's what the response should be.

oh... really...

Saturday, March 6, 2010


semua pun sama expect ME to understand others
orang lain? ada paham aq? ada nak ambil masa nak taw what i go through.

sama je

bila susah bila buntu carik la aku

bila senang buang lah aku

tak pe

i am a disposable friend.

use me n when ur done, please dispose me.

thank you