Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a boy on the train

it was a fine day. i opened the shop and ran it without aiza. today there were only nana, amy and i of which we are the three newbies in the shop. thank god there were no sudden tsunami of children today *sigh* (of relief) so basically the day went fine plus i found out there was a job as a TESL teacher with very very good pay and very very lineant time (3 hours per day) so now i am thinking of breaking the news to aiza tomorrow hope she's okay with it.

everything went fine until about 7.43 p.m at KL Central. Crap the platform which i had to wait for my train home was pack full of people. i have no idea where they came from. i know it's the rush hour but it's just rediculous.

i just don't understand what's wrong with KTM Komuter. Off peak hour the system is on go. on time (sometimes) hence there's not that many people waiting. However, during peak hours, delayed train la train cancelled la it's really anoying. Komuter is the only way to get from Kl to the other side of KL and it's really annoying that the komuter system is like poop!

anyhows, as i was about to reach my destination, the stopped at one of the station to pick up passengers. came in this indian boy. small about 10 or 11 not more i suppose. he had to stand close to me as the train was still packed (demmit). as i was composing myself from falling apart in such small space with lotsa people, i heard a small voice, saying something. i ignored it, then i heard it again. I looked at the boy and i saw him looking at me saying in malay + indian accent "mr boleh tolong saya? ada 2 ringgit?" meaning sir could you help me? do you have two ringgit? i shaked my head mainly because i was shocked and i could barely move my hand to take my wallet.
then i saw him moved slightly to another guy next to me. the guy ignored him (well either he could not hear the boy or he chose to not to hear him). the train stopped a station after the station the boy boarded and he disembark the train with weary and worry look.

i don't know why he wanted the 2 ringgit and i do not know what he need it for. i wonder what does the parents do or does he even have any for that matter. at this moment i am wondering where is he now and what is he doing, has he gotten his two ringgit?

would i have reacted differently in a different environment (i.e not so pack train)?
how would you react? honestly?

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Now normally i don't blog about movies ala review. However, i feel that i need to write about this movie (although i feel that it's kinda too late).

The movie "The Last House on The Left" has a rather long name for a movie i might say. Anyhow, this movie came from, to me the genius of it's genre - thriller, Wes Craven. He is the man who introduced us with the serial killer who stalks his prey and talk to them on the phone with freaky voice. If you do not know what movie i am talking about, it's the Scream trilogy.

Okay, if you're too young to know about Scream, you might know The Hills Have Eyes and The Hills Have Eyes 2 apart from that our all time favourite horror movie; Nightmare on Elm Street. He is a true genius in horror and thriller.

Anyhow if you are a big fan of blood, gory, smashing and anything related to those three words. I suggest you go and watch it. You will NOT regret.

Well in order to avoid spoiler. I might say that the movie sees how human can go beyond his/her capacity to protect the ones they love and to seek revenge upon those who hurt the ones they love.

it's very typical (in a good way) of Wes to put the victim in a position where he/she needs to push to the limit to survive (watch Hills Have Eyes and you'll know what i'm talking about)

I like this because it often makes me wonder do we really have the capacity to go beyond out ability when situation pushes us.

Can we really be 5 times stronger when we need to be? (was about to write 10 but it's kind of exaggeration)
Can we really lose our senses?

I was placed in a difficult situation, i.e my mugged incident and i do not know if i could go and slam the mugger's face or anything. Maybe it was not the same i don't know.

I am interested with the tag line:

"If bad people hurt someone you love, how far would you go to hurt them back?"

a question we need to ponder upon...