Friday, October 31, 2008

the letter D

do u know that there are many negative words that came from the letter D? to add that up, even the location of the letter is not so good. it's the 4th letter and according to chinese belief, 4 is realted to death (yup the word death starts with the letter D). Under D u can find;
devastation, desperation, death, deprivation, de-motivated, doubt, devil, deny, dangerous, disgusting and also DISAPPOINTMENT.

yup disappointment...

it's hard word to anyone....

"you're such a disappointment" that sentence itself could send anyone to an extreme nervous breakdown.

i am throughly disappointed with a dear friend of mine. i mean what have i done wrong to him that he treats me this way? UGH! i have tried being the best friend that he could ever have. when he was hungry, my family fed him (although his family is well enough to fed him). when he needs a place to stay i without hesitation provide him shelter for the night. but is this they way he repays me? if this is the way, i suggest just keep it to yourself...

i am sitting here staring at the screen and the blinking cursor thinking of what am i going to write... my head is throbbing, my heart is aching, and i just can't focus...

my other half... i need you and i miss you so much...

i guess i should stop here...

and my dear other half... you are not a disappointment, you never disappointed me, and you never disappoint me...
however, i felt like i am the BIGGEST disappointment that ever walks the surface of the earth...

i wanna eat!

nuff said...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

word of the day: host material

have u ever wanted to be a part of something that you dream about it day and night?
well i have. mine is to be a part of the quickie team. since the day i watched it in 2004, i said to myself "damn i would love to be part of this".
apparently the opportunity came knocking on the door (not really la) when they announced that they are looking for new faces to be apart of the quickie team. i said to myself... this could be the chance of a lifetime.
so i emailed them my personal details along with several pictures and a video, just to amuse them.

along the way, i asked around for anyone who knows anyone in 8tv, i mean i really want to be in this i would do just about anything, apparently and less that i know my lovely sister has an old friend in there. jokingly i said "can you talk to your friend so i can make it?" with a serious face she said "sure, i'll see what i can do" my heart skipped a beat.

as days go by, i continued my work in the department store. when one day i received a call from an unknown number. i got suspicious. i answered it cautiously
"hello" i said
"hello, may i speak to ... "
"speaking" i answered while rushing to the closest fitting room. in there i heard she said;
"i am calling from 8tv..." from that moment my heart is beating like 808 (whatever that means thanks to miss britney spears)
"...quickie and i would like to inform you that you have to come over to 8tv for an audition." she said it with a tinge of giggle. i guess she can hear me smile on the phone.
with full of excitement i answered "sure definitely! when?"
"the audition is on thursday or friday from 11 am till 4 pm"
"what should bring?" just to make sure
"nothing" giggle "just bring yourself"
"all righty then. thank you sooo much!"
"you're most welcome"

after i hang up, i went out of the fitting room and hug everyone who stands in front of me. the i grabbed the store phone and called my someone to share the good news. then after, i called my sister to thank her for her help. she said
"you're a day too late to say thanks to me"
"then i said, i thanked you yesterday right?
"oh yeah... but... why today?"
"because... they called me and wanted me to come for the audition"
"OH MY GOD!!! congratulations... now u go and wow them and make sure you made it okay"
"yes i will... i will do whatever in my power to wow them"

then a few moments later, i received a call from 8tv again telling me that my audition is rescheduled to monday or tuesday. i told them i am definitely coming on monday. then i asked her, "erm... what will i do during the audition"
"oh that's simple just imagine that you are hosting the show and we'll see if you have the host material"
then... it hits me...
do i have the host material?

from then onwards i kept on practicing (do not talk too fast, no extreme pacing, do fidgeting) so that i will be comfortable in front of camera.

moral of the story is, dream... dream whatever you want to be and work hard towards it. as cliche as it may sound, trying is winning half the battle. but, since you're in the battle field might as well you give all out and win isn't it?

i am praying to God Almighty that i will do my extreme best and He will help me out to achieve my dream... He had helped me a lot and i still need Him...


now all i have to do is, give my best shot and WOW them

i do have the Q factor that they are looking for


Sunday, October 26, 2008

F for Fortunate

F the 5th letter in the alphabet. so today we are going to talk about things revolved in the letter F

working in a departmental store gives you the opportunity to observe people and the environment around you. be it within the management or the whole area of the departmental store.

working here as well had opened my eyes on how FORTUNATE (first word with letter F) some people are. I mean some of these people who shopped here looks like they live a lief out of a FAIRY tale (2nd word). for instance, today i had to serve this guy who looked like a Caucasian but he's not. he is as local as your next door neighbour. with him are two boys (well not really boys i guess... they're about my age so not that boy really). as he entered the shop, as usual i would sat "hello welcome" he nodded

i heard him having this conversation with the boys
"here's Energie, we have guess not far from here, FCUK and Polo, so where u wanna start?" he made it sound as though it was a race... anyhow

the boy said "here..." so the man told me "could you show them some size for your jeans" and i nodded like Noddy.

so the boys made their choices they (we actually only one tried), and he chose two pairs and told me to reserve the jeans so that he could pick it up later.

note: normally 45 out of 150 people would come back for their "reserved" items.

so i put aside the jeans and starts to wonder is the older man their father? uncle? (doesn't look like they are related at all). my head decided to go with maybe he is their pimp.

a few hours later they returned with Guess bags (plural let me remind you)and some other bags from other high end shops.

the boy showed the man the jeans and the man said "which one do you want? how about u take both" from then on i just shut down and turned myself into a drone and ignore eveything...
dammit! how could they be so lucky?

anyhow... i am fortunate myself...
for the first time after more than 10 years, i had my first birthday bash. it's kinda pathetic though because it was my plan and i had to invite most of the guests. however, i am extremely FORTUNATE to have a lover who is really understanding and a star. This person had prepared everything for me; the location, the food, the arrangement.
it's just heartwarming and i felt like i am the luckiest person in the world.
like a friend of mine told "this person knows pretty much everything, this person is a keeper" this i will never forget.

moral of the story is...
we are all fortunate in one way or the other. be thankful of what we have and work hard to have more. don't rely too much on people because they could use it against you. (that's a note to myself too)

enough rambling
full stop.