Monday, February 7, 2011

it breaks the barrier

aishiteru, ich liebe dich, j'taime, te qiero, 당신을 사랑합니다,  أحبك

funny how we basically know what these words mean when we don't even have the knowledge of the language. 
Just like love, music breaks the language barriers that at times dampen our spirit in getting to know something.

Imagine, how a Malay girl could enjoy BigBang, Super Junior or even Wondergirls so much without understanding a single thing these people are singing.

Or imagine how an Iranian guy enjoys listening to Alize when he does not speak a single french word (not even french toast or french fries).

true, their likings to the music may be based on the fact that these singers are pretty to look at. However you can't possibly just stare at their faces without having a slight interest in the music, right?

This is the wonder of music. It goes beyond language. One might not be able to understand the mening of the song but is still able to enjoy the music. How could this be possible? Well I believe that the answer lies within. Within the arrangement and the delivery of the music/song. We might not be able to understand completely the meaning of the song but when we lsiten to the way the singer sings the song, we can tell that it's a sad song or a happy song.

Consequently (did i just use this word?) we will be affected by it, we might smile to the song or get all emotional and all, without having to have the ability to speak the language. Songs are not like movies that have subtitles or pictures (they do have in videoclips but not all videoclips are relevant to the song) so, it makes it even more wonderful how we can feel what the singer,songwriter and composer are trying to tell us.

Having said that, let's enjoy this lovely song by Virginia Labuat entitled, Soy Tu Aire which means I am your air. Enjoy!