Thursday, October 13, 2011

Leap of Faith

Life is a funny thing. It makes you wait and it makes you wait some more. Finally, it gives you what you want. That is the best thing that could happen to anyone. For that matter. The wait feels like it was nothing.

However, when what you want is presented, there's always a fine line or a catch that comes with it. I guess the catch or the fine line is there to see how much you want it. How much you are willing to sacrifice o get what you want.

Yes, Alhamdulillah, finally i am halfway to get what I have always wanted. To work in broadcasting line (at the moment of speaking/writing, I am yet to wait for my current workplace to release me). The pay is not that much but i guess that's the sacrifice that I have to make. Well nothing comes for free right? It doesn't matter though, cause this is what I want and opportunities like this doesn't present itself very often.

So here I am at the edge of a cliff, preparing myself to take that leap that might take me to the other side or fall flat on my face. Either one, I would still end up happy cause I know at the end of the day, I can say, "hey at least I gave it a try and I did damn well at it..."

Anyways, I was given an opportunity to be on the set of the show before I even start the job. It was fun, hectic and kancheong but fun nevertheless. I guess because this is what I have always wanted to do so it doesn't feel as nerve wrecking as it is.

Anyways below are some pics of my experience.

The Set

The Infamous Control Room --->

<--- My 1st "assignment" managed to grab Dato Seri Effendi Norwawi for an interview

With Miss Vanessa Chong a.k.a Mrs Moots! --->

                                  Interviewing Miss Chermaine Poo ^
<-- Ms or Mr Liberty!

<---Ayesyah interviewing Miss Chelsia Ng

Me managed to grab hold of Miss Paris Hilton for a short interview --->

Well i hope many more would come because i really enjoy doing this sort of stuff. Also hopefully better things will come my way in this line of work. InsyaAllah...

Moral here is chase your dream no matter how difficult it is or how u feel like it leads no where cause at the end of the day it will get you somewhere!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Of Patience and Luck

Patience is a virtue.
Good things come to those who waits.

These are the things that we often hear when we talk about waiting for something to happen.
This is true to a certain extend. However, the question here would be how long can a person wait?
How long can a person endure the anxiety of waiting?

How certain are we that when we wait the good thing will come?
Or would death and defeat knocks on our door first before lady victorious greets us with her embrace?

I am not questioning God's work. I'm questioning men's ability to withstand the testing power of time, failure and pain.

We are not strong, but if you notice, there's something inside us that keeps us holding on. Even on that one fine strand of hope.

However, how many of us would actually pay attention to that tiny voice or spark of light that keeps on saying "hold on... hold on..."?

We hate being mislead with false alarm or false hope. How would we know that it is not?

However, like the American writer, Arthur Bloch said, "Every clarification breeds new questions" it shows that the more answer i have, the more questions i will start to ask... so sometimes
I have a lot of questions but few answers. Some might not answer the question.

I don't like this...

I often had bad encounters with Lady Luck. It seems like she doesn't want to be around me. I have no idea why. I really hope that she will be around because Mr Patience is getting to his boiling point, and he is ready to pack his bag and leave. I'm worried that Death and Defeat will fill the vacant space and breeds Bitter and Sorrow. That will be bad...i mean really really bad...
p.s: Irish, are they REALLY lucky?

Friday, June 17, 2011

The Joys in Life

Alhamdulillah after a few years of trying, this year has been good so far.

1. I was given the opportunity to host a show. On my own. A show called Pencak. A show that showcases 13 different types of silat from around Malaysia.

I know I might be the last person for people to imagine to be learning silat. But hey i represent the laymen who have no basic of silat at all. Yeah was a fun journey. Tiring but fun. Alhamdulillah... With that i managed to travel to several places that i might not go for no reason. It was truly an adventure of its own and i learnt alot.

InsyaAllah and hopefully it will be out after raya. And hopefully more job coming after that. Amiiiiiin...

oh and here are some pix ;)

In Kuantan, Pahang

In Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

In Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu

In Johor Bharu, Johor (before kene belasah)

In Umbai, Melaka.

2. For two years in a row, PNB has hired me to be their Quizmater for their gameshow.

One of PNB Quiz in Ipoh.

Alhamdulillah. This shows that i did a good job and they trust in me to handle the event again. InsyaAllah more to come amiiiiiin...

On top of that, i am working at a place where the boss understands what i do and given me the levy to do it so as long as i do not neglect my responsibilites here.

Alhamdulillah all goes well... hopefully this will go on... InsyaAllah...

Hopes and dreams do come true it is only a matter of time and effort and it will come when we least expected it.


Of Roller Coaster Ride and Nora Elena

Yes dalam title aku ada nama Nora Elena. Y? Sebab this show has somewhat become a phenomenon among Malaysians be it guys or girls.
I shall not give you the synopsis of the story buy you can go to and watch the show on your own. The full episode.

Having said that, that's it about Nora Elena.

Next topic, roller coaster. I just l

ove it. Don't ya? I mean the adrenalin, the uncertainty and the suprise t

urn and plunge is just fantastic.

Same goes with life. A lot of twist and turn. You have the boring flat line, then you have the tiring climb and then the excitement of the whole ride. Then, you will come back to the end of the ride. Well, if you want to and if you can, you can do it again... but it all depends.

Same goes with my life.I am not on my very own roller coaster ride. I had my share of flat line and tiring climb and now Alhamdulillah i am enjoying the ride and savouring ever moments of it.

Alhamdulillah, I really hope i don't have to come back to the station anytime soon. I have a lot more to learn and grab on the ride.

Let's hope that all goes well for all of us. InsyaAllah...

p/s hopefully i wont barf throughout the ride huhuhuhu

Monday, February 7, 2011

it breaks the barrier

aishiteru, ich liebe dich, j'taime, te qiero, 당신을 사랑합니다,  أحبك

funny how we basically know what these words mean when we don't even have the knowledge of the language. 
Just like love, music breaks the language barriers that at times dampen our spirit in getting to know something.

Imagine, how a Malay girl could enjoy BigBang, Super Junior or even Wondergirls so much without understanding a single thing these people are singing.

Or imagine how an Iranian guy enjoys listening to Alize when he does not speak a single french word (not even french toast or french fries).

true, their likings to the music may be based on the fact that these singers are pretty to look at. However you can't possibly just stare at their faces without having a slight interest in the music, right?

This is the wonder of music. It goes beyond language. One might not be able to understand the mening of the song but is still able to enjoy the music. How could this be possible? Well I believe that the answer lies within. Within the arrangement and the delivery of the music/song. We might not be able to understand completely the meaning of the song but when we lsiten to the way the singer sings the song, we can tell that it's a sad song or a happy song.

Consequently (did i just use this word?) we will be affected by it, we might smile to the song or get all emotional and all, without having to have the ability to speak the language. Songs are not like movies that have subtitles or pictures (they do have in videoclips but not all videoclips are relevant to the song) so, it makes it even more wonderful how we can feel what the singer,songwriter and composer are trying to tell us.

Having said that, let's enjoy this lovely song by Virginia Labuat entitled, Soy Tu Aire which means I am your air. Enjoy!