Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I had to write this.

So, we all know that the GE is coming it's way sooner or later.

And, as it is approaching a lot of things are happening.

However, I am more concerned about what's going on among the Youths of these nation.

So I've hears, read and watch that some of these youths are starting to make their voice heard through all these perhimpunan and all.

in my opinion:

- what are you trying to prove through this?
- if you want ptptn to abolish, why didn't you think of the negative side of it when you signed the contract? yes you can choose NOT to take it.
- and you do know that if you get FIRST class, the debt can be waived right?

On another matter (free education)

- we are not living in an ideal world
- everything needs money
- well perhaps primary education can be free but tertiary?
- look at it this way, when you got things for free, you won't appreciate it much.
- also the people who walks in the class and teaches you are NOT cheap. the infrastructure are NOT free.


If a certain party says that they will abolish the tuition fees and PTPTN, let them fight the war.

You, go study and when the time comes, go vote and if they win, make sure they fulfill their promises.

If they fail, THEN you berhimpun.

As for now, go study and get first class so that you will get your free education (esp. free from PTPTN)

*note: the writer is not an advocate to any political party, he also owes PTPTN some amount of money and he is not a first class graduate*