Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Of Patience and Luck

Patience is a virtue.
Good things come to those who waits.

These are the things that we often hear when we talk about waiting for something to happen.
This is true to a certain extend. However, the question here would be how long can a person wait?
How long can a person endure the anxiety of waiting?

How certain are we that when we wait the good thing will come?
Or would death and defeat knocks on our door first before lady victorious greets us with her embrace?

I am not questioning God's work. I'm questioning men's ability to withstand the testing power of time, failure and pain.

We are not strong, but if you notice, there's something inside us that keeps us holding on. Even on that one fine strand of hope.

However, how many of us would actually pay attention to that tiny voice or spark of light that keeps on saying "hold on... hold on..."?

We hate being mislead with false alarm or false hope. How would we know that it is not?

However, like the American writer, Arthur Bloch said, "Every clarification breeds new questions" it shows that the more answer i have, the more questions i will start to ask... so sometimes
I have a lot of questions but few answers. Some might not answer the question.

I don't like this...

I often had bad encounters with Lady Luck. It seems like she doesn't want to be around me. I have no idea why. I really hope that she will be around because Mr Patience is getting to his boiling point, and he is ready to pack his bag and leave. I'm worried that Death and Defeat will fill the vacant space and breeds Bitter and Sorrow. That will be bad...i mean really really bad...
p.s: Irish, are they REALLY lucky?